Village Planning Updates

Windfall/Garden Development/Infilling Applications ONLY

Bell & Colvill - NEW APPLICATION

A new application for 15 residential units with associated parking and landscaping on the existing Bell & Colvill car showroom site.

Public consultation closes on 19 January 2020.  To make your comments, please click on the link below: 

Reference: 21/P/02374 

 West Horsley Parish Council have submitted their OBJECTION to this application. Please click on the link below.

WHPC objection to Bell & Colvill 


Land to the east of 164 The Street

Proposed erection of five dwellings with associated garaging, landscaping and access from Little Cranmore Lane.

Reference: 20/P/02026 (WHPC objected, GBC refused)

Appeal refused by GBC on 24th March.


Round Tree Farm

There have been a number of applications for this site, including approved change of use of barns from agricultural to residential, and an approved application for a three bedroomed barn conversion. The property history is extensive. More recent applications include: Proposed conversion of three agricultural barns to form a detached dwelling; associated garage.

Reference: 20/P/02122 (Parish Council objected).  Refused at appeal.

Proposed erection of a pair of two-bedroom and a pair of three-bedroom semi-detached dwellings.

Reference: 20/P/02230 (Parish Council objected).  Appeal against non-determination refused by GBC.

Proposed erection of two detached dwellings to replace Round Tree Farm Cottages, 251 and 253 The Street.

Reference: 20/P/02233 (Parish Council objected).   Appeal refused by GBC.

Appeals 20/P/00767 and 20/P/00875 have subsequently been withdrawn.

Three new applications recently submitted for consideration: 

Reference: 21/P/01185  

Conversion of agricultural barn to form a dwelling.  (WHPC no objection.) GBC refused.

 Reference: 21/P/01206

 Proposed erection of a pair of 2 bed and a pair of 3 bed semis detached dwellings. (WHPC objection.) GBC refused.

 Reference: 21/P/01196

Proposed 2 detached dwellings to replace existing Round Tree Farm cottages.  (WHPC objection.) GBC refused. 



Goodhart Rendell Planning application

 Demolition of Goodhart Rendell Community Hall and erection of replacement community hall plus 5 dwellings, internal road, car parking and landscaping.

Ref: 21/P/02008  

Application as above but reduced to 4 dwellings.  

WHPC objected to this planning application on 17 November 2021.   The application was approved by GBC on 9 December 2021 and building works have commenced.

Waterloo Farm

Waterloo Farm sits within allocated Site A39. Four new homes in the front courtyard of the Farm were approved during 2019.

Reference: 18/P/01885 (Parish Council objected, GBC approved)

A further application was submitted in December 2019 for five new homes in the back garden, to which the Parish Council objected.  Revised plans were submitted March 2023 and, despite the Parish's continued objection, Guildford Borough Council approved the scheme at their Committee meeting in June 2023.  The Parish Council will monitor the development and liaise with GBC and Surrey Highways as appropriate.

For all documents, including West Horsley PC objections, please click here:  Reference: 19/P/02096 

Reference: 22/P/01114 (Parish Council supported Surrey Highways comments re access).  This application for a pair of semi-detached dwellings was approved by GBC on 5th October. 


Silkmore, Silkmore Lane

Erection of four dwellings and associated landscaping and access.

Reference: 20/P/00139 (Parish Council objected, GBC approved)

There has been an application for change to design of dwellings: 

Reference: 21/P/02460 (Parish Council no objection, GBC approved)

This development is now completed and occupied. 


Land to the rear of 168 The Street

There have been two applications so far for this back garden development:

Erection of two detached dwellings

Reference: 20/P/01194 (Parish Council objected, withdrawn)

Proposed erection of a pair of two storey semi-detached dwellings and one two storey detached dwelling, with associated garaging and new access.

Reference: 21/P/00182 

Application was refused - contrary to West Horsley Neighbourhood Plan Policy WH2 and Policy D1 of NPPF.



Britains Farm

Erection of five dwellings and associated access and landscaping

Reference: 20/P/00346 (WHPC objected, GBC refused)

A subsequent application for five dwellings was submitted to better reflect the housing mix requirements of the Neighbourhood Plan. 

Reference: 20/P/01430 (GBC approved) Work has commenced.

There has since been a new application for minor amendments - changes to dwelling design to increase bedroom numbers.

Reference: 21/P/01198 

(WHPC objected, GBC approved.)  Parish Councillors are in consultation with the developer regarding changes to internal layout.



Land to the South of Champney Cottage, Cranmore Lane

Proposed erection of five two storey dwellings with associated parking.

This site is now completed and occupied with all necessary repairs to bridleway carried out.

Reference: 19/P/01234 (Parish Council objected, refused at Planning Committee, permitted at appeal)