Your Parish Council

We are a rural Parish Council currently consisting of nine elected Members who volunteer to represent all Village Residents' views and the needs of the community. 

We are a civil local government authority which is non-religious and non-politically based. 

The Role of Your Parish Council:

The Parish Council forms a key part of the democratic process. We give people a say at a very local level on proposals which affect them and represent residents and the village's interests to organisations such as Guildford Borough Council & Surrey County Council.

Increasingly, we represent the views and need of our communities across a wide range of issues. We have a legal right to be notified of all planning applications within the Parish Boundary and we are consulted fully by Guildford Borough Council. This means that the Parish Council can influence strategic planning issues and a range of other important matters affecting the community we serve.

The Parish Council also provides a number of local facilities.  

Becoming a Parish Councillor is a rewarding and valued form of public service. Councillors have to balance the needs and interests of their residents, voters and local council.

All Councillors contribute to the work of the Parish Council by:-
  • Having a say about things they care about;
  • Putting forward ideas for better services
  • Responding to the needs and views of their constituents
  • Seeking the best outcome to local issues; and
  • Getting involved in decision-making by voting.
An individual Councillor (including the Chairman) cannot make a decision on behalf of the Council. Therefore, cooperation between Councillors to achieve the best possible outcome for the community is the key to success of the Council and the basis for a rewarding contribution. Importantly, this involves listening to the views of other Councillors and getting broad agreement on the best way forward.

Elections to Parish Councils are held every four years. Vacancies may arise during the four year period and will be advertised on the website and on the notice boards around the village.

If you are interested in becoming a Parish Councillor for West Horsley or wish for further information then please contact the Parish Council

Your Village Task Groups


Communications Task Group

We’ve had a remarkably busy year so far, with communicating to everyone on the Gigabit broadband scheme to the installation of the first of many replacement noticeboards. We are grateful to all those who signed up to receive village updates from us and to those that still need to sign up please do so quickly to ensure you don’t miss out! We promise not to over share! Our website is set to change over the next few months with new features with some already in play. Our new style Newsletter (also available on the website) provides interesting reading. Please let us know if there is any particular subject you would like us to consider featuring in our Autumn issue.

Vanessa Buosi -



Road Safety & Maintenance Task Group

We’re pleased to report that various signs around West Horsley have been repaired/replaced by Surrey County Council Highways (SCCH), whom we continue to work closely with. They have agreed to repair/replace various other signs and some railings by The Raleigh School. We frequently hear about residents’ discontent regarding the issue of speeding in West Horsley, we regularly liaise with the West Horsley Community Speed Watch team (WHCSW). It’s great news that SCCH have loaned us a mobile Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS) to remind drivers not to speed. WHCSW have agreed to look after the placement and changing of batteries for these devices. As ever, should you spot pothole or pavement issues, please report them at the following address: or If you have any other queries or concerns please contact the Clerk at



Planning & Environment & Climate

Our Planning & Environment Team have now become a recognised Committee. 

This means that our regular, monthly meetings will now be held in Public.  Our agenda will include time at the beginning of the meeting for members of the public to raise concerns or to ask questions.

Both the agenda and the minutes will be published on the Parish Council website and displayed on village notice boards.

For future Planning Committee meeting dates and to view minutes of previous meetings, please click here.  If you wish to attend our next Committee meeting, please notify the Deputy Clerk at   

Guy Murray -


Asset & Appearance Task Group              

The inaugural year for the Assets and Appearance Group is nearly over, and so far despite the restrictions of lockdown we have successfully managed and improved the majority of the Assets owned by the Parish Council. There was a recent planting of trees on the Village Green to soften the view of this treasured site, and we have further plans to tidy up areas to the rear to provide an open space that residents, walkers and cyclists can enjoy. There are also plans in motion to repair and improve the tennis court. The new planters at the Village Hall, which we allocated developers contributions to, look magnificent, and we have plans to plant more native flowers throughout the village. We are also looking into the possibility of creating several new road signs to define the boundaries of the village, “Gateway to the Surrey Hills!” and also to install new benches where they are most needed. We would welcome ideas from residents as to any other features that would enhance the aspect of our beautiful village. Please contact us with any ideas or suggestions.

Tony Rogers -

The Community Task Group

The Community and Wellbeing Task Group has been very badly hit by the pandemic. Our main raison d’être is to communicate with village residents, by mounting various activities for the community. Since March 2020, that has been totally impossible. Even as recently as February 2021, our much-needed Litter Pick had to be cancelled. Things are, however, beginning to look a little brighter. In normal times, we have an event for almost all ages. It could be that some of those will also become possibilities! We hope to be back on schedule this year for the sake of everyone’s wellbeing. Please note: - the relevant dates for proposed events appear on our West Horsley Parish Council website

Mel Beynon -

Finance Task Group

Aside from the normal work of going through budgets and reporting on receipts and payments throughout the year, the major event for the Finance Task Group in 2020/2021 has been the decision to take the accounts from Excel based spreadsheets to an automated accounting programme system, starting from 1 April 2021. This will simplify and quickly produce the year-end accounts as they will be automatically generated. Also, the Statutory Forms will be completed directly by the system reducing any possibility of errors by transferring figures manually. The tracking of expenditure against budget for each budget heading and Task Group will constantly be up to date and available immediately enabling greater control and management of spend. Any variances can also be more easily identified. After considerable work by the Clerk and Council members the precept request to Guildford Borough Council for the 2021/2022 financial year was fixed with a less than 2% increase on 2020/2021.

Frances King -