Grace and Flavour allotments are run by Grace and Flavour and are accessible through the main Grace and Flavour entrance on Ripley Lane, next to Dene Place. 

The allotments were released on Saturday 2nd April 2011. The first plant - a gooseberry bush. It took many months and a lot of labour. We moved all the rubble so as to allow a plough to work without breaking it! The land has since been cleared of almost every brick, then ploughed and harrowed. By summer, as one member put it "the capitalists are doing better than the communists". It was, and remains, really productive.

How it Works

Allotments are leased direct from Grace and Flavour, who also manage the waiting list. 

Priority is given to local residents (East and West Horsley) and allotments are for growing fruit, vegetables, and/or flowers for personal and family use only. The lease is based on national standard allotment contracts. 

To Apply for an Allotment

If you are a West Horsley resident - to get your name on the waiting list for an allotment at Grace and Flavour please email with your name, address and telephone number. This will be passed on to Grace and Flavour, who will then be in touch in due course.


You can always volunteer in a community garden while you are waiting - and may decide to stay there (at least you can have a holiday, confident that your veg will be tended to and watered by the community team!)