WHPC Strategic Plan 2022-2025

Strategic Plan 2022-2025


In 2021 the Parish Council set out a strategic plan for the next three years (2021-2024): place-making, community, innovation, and well-being. The Strategic Plan has recently been reviewed by the Council and a copy can be read by clicking on the link below.


The plan Takes into account the housing development that the Local Plan sought to locate here and the inevitable strain it will place on the infrastructure. We will continue pushing hard for sufficient section 106 money drawn from such developments to improve the existing infrastructure without ruining the character and ruralness of the village. This will be a challenge.

Our Goals:

1. Achieving the higher status of a Council with “general competence” to enable us to do more for the village.

2. Reviewing the status of the Local Plan and updating the West Horsley Neighbourhood Plan.

3. Improving our engagement with residents and to keep you informed in a very timely way.

4. Addressing the increasing concerns that Climate Change is presenting.

5. Continuing to improve the appearance of the village in keeping with its character.

6. Supporting and enhancing the Youth Council.