Horsley Railway Station

The Friends of Horsley Station have one ambition. That ambition is to dramatically improve the experience of arriving in Horsley for the first time and for those busy people for whom commuting is a part of their working day.

The group was set up in June 2019 and we are making slow but very steady progress. Over the months there had been a demystifying of and familiarising with the personnel of both South Western Railways and Network Rail. We now have a very comprehensive list of people whose advice and help we can turn to.

An early and successful effort to adopt the station and to apply for a small grant has resulted in the installation of various planters. The plants are now in and all set to add. a splash of colour to the place. There will also be areas of grass and flowers specially cultivated to encourage wildlife. There are several bird boxes in place and there are plans for the installation of a bat box or two and a bug hotel.

Among the Friends there are two very well respected nauralists and two professional gardeners. They have a very enthusiastic work force to help out, but our greatest asset must surely be the wonderful Richard Bunce who is our Station Master although it seems these days, he is called an ambassador. He is supported every step of the way by his delightful canine companion George. They have been nominated for best small station . By September they will know whether they have won or not. Finers crossed. They deserve to win.

There are plans afoot to improve the toilet and waiting rooms facilities and ultimately, to install a lift on each platform. This would not only offer a better service to any disabled users, but also to people with prams and young children, holidaymakers with heavy suitcases etc., . As things stand, the only level access to a London train for those of us who live in Horsey, is either from Cobham or Clandon.

East Horsley Parish Council were the initiators of these ideas, but both Parish Councils have donated towards the improvements. The expertise and enthusiasm is shared with the Friends of Effingham Station who also hope to adopt their station and generally improve the appearance and the amenity value of that station .

If you would like to join us or to become involved in any way, please contact either Parish Council. We need a lot of support to achieve these sigificant improvements

The group is currently led by Stephen Groom with representatives from the community and both Parish Councils., Effingham Parish Council and Effingham Residents' Association

Applications for further funding have been made to Your Fund Surrey. For photos of the proposed improvements got to the East Horsley website click on Task Groups and go to Horsley Station, for artists impressions of what we hope to achiieve