New - West Horsley War Memorial Committee - Mini Exhibition - Saturday 13 May 10am - 1pm, Cedar Room, West Horsley Village Hall

Please see the attached flyer for more information

War Memorial Mini Exhibition


GBC update on Local Plan Consultation - 10 April 2017 - First look at updated Local Plan

We continue to make progress in developing our new Local Plan - with significant and minor changes - alongside reduced housing numbers and removed, new or updated sites for homes, employment and infrastructure.

The Borough, Economy and Infrastructure Executive Advisory Board (EAB) will consider the latest version of the Draft Local Plan at its special meeting on 20 April. The agenda and updated plan is published today (10 April) and members of the public who wish to speak at the meeting can contact us from midday – more details on how to do this follow below.

Cllr Paul Spooner, Leader of the Council, says: “Local people need a great environment, homes and jobs along with transport and other vital infrastructure to support them. It’s crucial that the Local Plan we submit for independent inspection balances these community needs and tackles local issues, wherever anyone lives or works in our borough. We have reviewed the comments from last year’s consultation and made a number of significant changes to the plan and proposed sites, as well as updating the supporting evidence and policies.

“We remain committed to fundamental principles, such as a ‘brownfield first’ policy of proposing sites with past development, and some of the changes increase the number of homes in the town centre with reduced or removed housing sites in the greenbelt. Providing a great borough where people can thrive is about more than places to live, we have also included new sites for employment and infrastructure such as the proposed Guildford West railway station in Park Barn. Our local and strategic partners must complete their supporting transport and other infrastructure projects so we can deliver the Local Plan in full and we are working with them to help make that happen.

“We now need to share the latest plan with councillors via the relevant committees before seeking final Council approval in May. After this, in June and July, we are planning a public consultation targeted on just the updates to the plan that will allow people to give their feedback about the specific changes we propose. This is another major step forward in providing much-needed future homes, jobs and leisure opportunities for people across our borough.”

Significant updates to the Draft Local Plan - made for good planning reasons based on consultation comments or changes in circumstances or the supporting evidence - include:

reduced total housing target by 1,400 units until end of plan period in 2034

reduced housing need from 693 to 654 units per year – revised Objectively Assessed Need (OAN) for housing in updated Guildford Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) Addendum

     • sites removed completely from the plan – primarily for homes in rural areas such as a large site in Normandy and Flexford for 1,100 residential units

updated sites with reduced numbers of homes during the plan period – primarily in green belt areas such as Gosden Hill Farm and Blackwell Farm, with 300 fewer residential units at each site, due to phasing of delivery expected beyond 2034

updated sites with increased numbers of homes – primarily brownfield in the town centre such as 200 more residential units on the North Street redevelopment

updated sites for student accommodation and Travelling Showpeople – such as Guildford College changing from 100 homes to 200 student accommodation units instead and land at Garlick’s Arch site that is now accommodating six Travelling Showpeople plots

     • new sites for employment floor space/industrial land - such as land around Burnt Common warehouse is the new site for 7,000sqm of industrial land moved from the site at Garlick’s Arch

new rail station at Guildford West, Park Barn - is now included as a site allocation

reduced total growth requirements from last year’s Local Plan
             - Housing – by 1,400 units
             - Office and research and development floor space – by between 1,100 and 3,500sq m
             - Industrial employment land – by between 1 and 1.2 hectares
             - Comparison retail floor space – by 5,955 sq m (meeting needs to 2030 due to uncertainties in the long term forecasting).

Consultation and comments

In this summer’s targeted consultation, provisionally scheduled for 9 June – 24 July, we will only be asking for comments about the proposed changes to the plan. These will be clearly shown via track changes and policy summaries in the updated plan.

All comments received in last year’s regulation 19 pre-submission consultation about any unchanged aspects of the plan will remain valid, and will not be subject to further consultation.

We will submit all of last year’s comments to the independent Planning Inspector, along with the responses to this year’s targeted regulation 19 consultation about the proposed changes.

We will continue to keep you updated with the latest progress - and will let you know how you can get involved in the planned consultation.

You can view the EAB committee agenda for 20 April and the Draft Local Plan item at under ‘Minutes, meetings and agendas’ or

You can view more information about the new Local Plan at

Public speaking opportunities at the Borough, Economy and Infrastructure EAB on 20 April

Registration to speak will be accepted by email only - from midday on Monday 10 April until midday the day before the meeting on Wednesday 19 April 2017

     • Please send your email to

     • Please include in your request to speak, a brief outline of the issues you will be specifically addressing as part of your speech.

     • Each speaker will be allocated three minutes each.

     • A total of six people will be permitted to speak and will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.


Petition regarding funding for children's play areas

 Please see attached petition that WHPC has been sent, following reports of likely cuts to funding for maintenance and provision of Children's play areas by Local Authorities, to propose a levy on Professional Football Clubs to provide some funding for play areas for our children.

As well as helping to provide an essential facility for young children the money invested in this manner, to help keep our children fit and active, could also increase the potential for those very children to go on to participate in football (as well as other sport of course).

The link is -


Fun in the School Holidays (FISH) - BOOK NOW! 

FISH @Easter 2017 bookings are now open. The scheme is accessible, inclusive and affordable; with free transport, support for young people with additional needs and concessionary rates for families in receipt on benefits.To book please use the link below and click on the ‘Book’ button. 

Appeal for a new Brownie Leader for West Horsley Brownies

The West Horsley Brownie pack is appealing for new leaders - Brownies are girls aged 7-10 and meet on a Monday evening during term time. Further information and contact details if you are interested in getting involved can be found in the attached.

Urgent appeal for Brownie leaders


WHPC's response to the Drift Golf Club planning application - amended information

WHPC has submitted the letter below objecting to the Drift Golf Club planning application.

WHPC Drift Golf Club planning objection Sept 2016


Call for Speedwatch Volunteers!

Anyone concerned about speeding traffic in the village may want to consider joining West Horsley's Speedwatch group and make a difference. Led by Chris Tailby, the 12-strong group regularly monitor vehicle speeds across the village, supported by the Police. If you are interested, please contact Chris on Thank you!!


Good Companions Club seeks volunteer

Good Companions Club in West Horsley is looking for a volunteer to provide sandwiches, cakes & pour tea for around 30 elderly visitors on the second Wednesday of each month at their monthly tea & entertainment event at the Village Hall. The cost of the ingredients is paid for by the club. Anyone who is happy to help should contact Debbie on 01483 890343 / 07774676123


Overgrown hedges  

Responsibility to cut back the hedges lies with individual householders - WHPC's Footpaths group walks the village each summer and sends a letter to any householders whose hedges need cutting back. Failure to act on this means we can involve Surrey County Council, who can cut hedges back and charge the householder if necessary.

Footpaths in the village - these are the responsibility of Surrey County Council to maintain and cut back. You can email SCC on

Flytipping can be reported on


West Horsley Parish Council tennis court on Long Reach - Did you know that West Horsley has its own tennis court on Long Reach? This court is now free to use. Just turn up and play! Please don't use the court in unsuitable weather conditions and if you wish to report any issues, please contact 


West Horsley Parish Council gazebo 3m square available to borrow (refundable deposit required)

If you would like to borrow our gazebo, please read the attached policy for more information. Please note that it is recommended that you have at least two (strong) individuals to load it into your car, put it up, dismantle and return.

 Gazebo policy


West Horsley is a dynamic, friendly and caring community which hosts a wealth of organisations and services. The Parish Council serves the people of West Horsley and represents the interests of the local residents, and ensures that these interests are effectively presented to bodies such as Guildford Borough and Surrey County Council.

Bluebells in West Horsley








                            in the Cedar Room WHVH



       Saturday May 13th 

                              10.00 AM until 1.00 PM


Please come and offer your thoughts and opinions.  There will be a short questionnaire in which to record your views.


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