Guildford Borough Council's Draft Local Plan (DLP) - your Parish Council's response

Please find below the response from West Horsley Parish Council to the DLP.

WHPC DLP response July 2016

You can also find the Guildford Residents' Association (GRA) report referenced in West Horsley Parish Council's response below:

GRA DLP response


The consultation period for GBC's Draft Local Plan has now ended. Thank you to all of those West Horsley residents who copied their responses to the Parish Council - the response to the DLP from those residents whose responses we received, were overwhelmingly opposed to the Draft Local Plan.


The DLP can be found here:

The pages relevant to the Horsleys are pages 207-218, and in addition, pages 205 & 206 which show the plans for a new settlement at Wisley.


The DLP, if successful, will see 13,860 new houses built across Guildford Borough by 2033, a 25% increase on existing housing numbers, and 693 new houses per year. For West Horsley, the situation is more pronounced, with 385 new homes being built in West Horsley (a 35% increase on the current housing number of 1,111). It should be noted that all of these new houses are planned to be built by 2022, so in 6 years' time, the village will look very different if these plans go ahead. There are also an additional 148 homes proposed for East Horsley.


Raleigh School announces plans to relocate School

The Raleigh School, West Horsley, has written to parents informing them of a proposal to relocate the Raleigh School to a new site. More information is available on the School's website at


Article by your MP Sir Paul Beresford - Local Plan "not fit for purpose"

Please find a link below to the Guildford Dragon interview with Sir Paul Beresford MP


Presentation from Annual Parish Meeting

Please find attached the presentation given by Natalie Arnett from the Surrey CyberSafe Network at this year's Annual Parish Meeting. Please note that this is only an introduction and more detailed advice can be found at GetSafeOnline or residents can sign up to the CyberSafe Network

Cybersafe Network Presentation May 2016


West Horsley's Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group are looking for more volunteers - Could you give up some of your time to help your village? An update on progress & contact information is available on the Neighbourhood Plan page.


West Horsley Parish Council tennis court on Long Reach - Did you know that West Horsley has its own tennis court on Long Reach? This court is now free to use. Just turn up and play! Please don't use the court in unsuitable weather conditions and if you wish to report any issues, please contact 


Summary report from West Horsley's Housing Survey

Please click on the attachment below to access the report

 West Horsley Housing Survey Summary report


West Horsley Parish Council gazebo 3m square available to borrow (refundable deposit required)

If you would like to borrow our gazebo, please read the attached policy for more information. Please note that it is recommended that you have at least two (strong) individuals to load it into your car, put it up, dismantle and return.

 Gazebo policy


West Horsley is a dynamic, friendly and caring community which hosts a wealth of organisations and services. The Parish Council serves the people of West Horsley and represents the interests of the local residents, and ensures that these interests are effectively presented to bodies such as Guildford Borough and Surrey County Council.

Bluebells in West Horsley


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