New - Summary report from West Horsley's Housing Survey

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West Horsley Housing Survey Summary report


New - West Horsley is looking for a resident to volunteer as the Speedwatch Co-ordinator to help get Speedwatch in the village running again 

This would require a small amount of your time, organising Speedwatch sessions and participating in these to help make our village safer. If interested please contact West Horsley Parish Council on clerk@westhorsley.info or 01483 901 905.


West Horsley Parish Council gazebo available to borrow (refundable deposit required)

If you would like to borrow our gazebo, please read the attached policy for more information.


Gazebo hire policy


Flood assistance repair & renew deadline extended to 31 December 2014



Village Oak, Village Green, The Street

The Parish Council have a duty of care with respect to the management of the large oak tree on the village green by The Street. 

Accordingly the tree has been inspected by an Approved Arboricultural Consultant. 

Owing to the number of defects found, work will be carried out on November 6 & 7th to abate future risk to the public. This will entail a major crown reduction. A replacement tree to be planted on the village green has been recommended  in order that there is a continued presence of an oak tree here.  

Cllr.Pamela Holt


Planning application for the Drift Golf Club, The Drift, East Horsley - in Ockham Parish but affecting West Horsley residents - deadline extended, you can give your views until after Christmas


The Drift Golf Club Proposed Waste Landfill Site {GBC Planning Application 14/P/01718 and Surrey CC ref 2014/0150}

There is a planning application on the GBC and SCC websites which is aiming to gain approval for a large amount of material to be brought into the Golf Club to raise the level of the driving range. This has a number of implications:

- Waste will be brought from outside the village to the Drift Golf Club which will effectively become a waste landfill site, situated close to a number of rural villages.

- There will be a 7.5 ton HGV lorry passing through the Drift every 10 minutes, during working hours (and including the school run) for 9 months.

- There is a real risk that even though there will be restrictions over the routes that the lorries take, the hours that they are allowed to operate and their frequency, that once the project starts, these conditions will not be adhered to, making the reality even worse than what is stated in the planning documents. This has happened previous with Jury Farm, Ripley Lane.  

If you are concerned about this planning application, you are recommended to write or email both Guildford Borough Council and Surrey County Council with your reasons for objecting. Please also provide your name and address.  You can also make comments concerning this application online on the GBC Planning page by clicking on the "Comments" tab on the page below.




You may also want to take a look at the HCPS letter of objection by clicking on the link below:




West Horsley Neighbourhood Plan - West Horsley has been designated a Neighbourhood Area. For more information or to get involved, please see the Neighbourhood Plan page on the left hand menu.  


West Horsley is a dynamic, friendly and caring community which hosts a wealth of organisations and services. The Parish Council serves the people of West Horsley and represents the interests of the local residents, and ensures that these interests are effectively presented to bodies such as Guildford Borough and Surrey County Council.

Bluebells in West Horsley


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